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ALEXNATURE Company is ready to offer you 250 game husbandries of the republic located both in the territory of the national parks and reserves and in the territory of other hunter sportsmen. These are unique landscapes not having analogues in the Europe. Such national parks as Belovezhskaya Puscha (the virgin large forest largest in the Central Europe included by the decision of UNESCO in the list of the World heritage of mankind); lakes “Braslavskie” (one of the finest places of Belarus, the unique ecological environment of this lake district reflects the traces of the Ice Age); Pripyatsky National Park is “the lungs of Europe”; Berezensky Biosphere Reserve (untouched corners of the nature ― a perfect place for numerous animals and birds’ dwelling have been preserved over here) is of universal importance. It is notable that Belarus is considered to be the only place in Europe where the nature has least of all experienced the influence of mankind.

Total area of Belarus is equal to 20.8 million hectares; the hunting areas occupy 19.1 million hectares, 39% of them are forests, 54% are fields and meadows, 5% are fens and 2% are reservoirs.

About 60% of the hunting areas are assigned to the hunting societies (BOOR, VOO, Dynamo), about 24 % belong to the state forest hunting ranges, about 10% of the areas are occupied by the national parks, wildlife refuges and other protected territories, and about 6% of the areas are transferred to the private industry and used for hunting.

The following animal species dwell in the hunting areas of Belarus: European Elk (15.7 thousands, approximately 1 thousand is procured), Wild Boar (39.2 thousands/7.5 thousands), Roe (51.5 thousands/4.5 thousands), Deer (4.9 thousands/0.6 thousand), Wolf (1.1 thousand), Wood-grouse (9.2 thousands), Blackcock (47.5 thousands) as well as Brown Hare and Blue Hare, Fox, Raccoon Dog, Marten, Gray Partridge, Wild Duck, Woodcock, Snipe and lots of other animal species. Plenty of animals procured in our republic have good trophies, and the best of them are the following: elk horn – 337.45 СIС grades; deer horn ― 225.82; wolf skull ― 44.67; wild boar fangs ― 150.78.

Depending on the location of the hunting area we recommend to travel on the following routes:

1. If you are traveling by plane you should fly up to Minsk and then use our transport to go to the hunting areas. At the airport the guests will be met by an interpreter (guide) with all the necessary documents. He will assist in settling all the formalities and will take you to the point of destination.

2. If you are going to drive all the guests will be met on the Belarusian border in the fixed time and place by an interpreter (guide) with all the necessary documents who is supposed to possibly assist in settling all the formalities and to guide you to the hinting areas.

If hunting is your passion and its process and result bring you equal pleasure,

If you are sensible of your time and endeavor to fill every minute with bright impressions,

If you dream to remain alone with the nature or wish to relax at the company of your friends

BELARUS is your best choice.

Best regards,

Alexander Borischik

General Manager



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