"Alexnature": hunting in Belarus


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus all the foreign citizens arriving to the country or going through its territory in transit must be insured in case they need any medical aid.You should carefully read the insurance regulations in the insurance policy and strictly adhere to them as circumstances may require. Health insurance policy is compulsory for all the time of the trip.

The following documents are necessary to go hunting to Belarus:Belarusian visa and weapon import/export permit. We will see that all these formalities are settled promptly and without any trouble.

You will send us the guests’ data (last name, first name, citizenship, passport number and period of validity) and weapon data (brand, serial number, bore, quantity of cartridges, serial number of a sheath-knife) by fax or E-mail. Upon obtaining the abovementioned information we send the invitation and the voucher with a view to receiving a visa to Belarus (in the countries where no consular institution of the Republic of Belarus exists the visa can be received upon arrival to Belarus at the airport) and receive weapon import/export permit in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and submit it to the customs service when meeting the guests at the airport or on the border (in return you should ascertain the procedure of temporary import of weapons to the Republic of Belarus for the object of hunting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country).

If the guests are driving their own car they have to hold weapon transit permit valid in Belarus (as required).

If you are bringing a dog the latter must have the following: chip, passport, veterinary health certificate confirming the necessary inoculations availability and security regarding contagions in the area where the dogs are exported from.

We provide our guests with a veterinary health certificate and a trophy game list for trophy import at the site of the hunting tour. On the border the Veterinary Service issues an international veterinary health certificate for the import of the procured game.


Foreign citizens can travel to Belarus if they have a valid passport or a document replacing it with a visa. The exception is made for the citizens of CIS, Cuba, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Macedonia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Serbia, Montenegro and the diplomatic passports of a series of countries.

Customs rules

The rules of private property movement across the customs border of the Republic of Belarus generally align with the world's standards.

Cost of weapon import/export permit (one weapon)

Hunting weapon and ammunition can be imported to the territory of the Republic of Belarus by foreign citizens upon presentation of an invitation of a travel company or a legal body having the license for utilization of the animal world, a hunting contract (agreement) with the specified company or the legal body and the corresponding permit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Importation of dogs, veterinary health certificates

Certificate of undergoing a veterinary inspection authenticated at the local veterinary institution; it is required for importation of an animal to the Republic of Belarus.