"Alexnature": hunting in Belarus

Importation of dogs, veterinary health certificates

Documents needed for animal importation to the Republic of Belarus: Certificate of undergoing a veterinary inspection authenticated at the local veterinary institution; it is required for importation of an animal to the Republic of Belarus.

The documents confirming that the animal has received all the inoculations necessary for a trip abroad (the list of the inoculations can be received in local veterinary establishments). Inoculations should be made not later than two weeks before the departure (5 days prior to the departure is already late and this rule is strictly observed). The animal should have the chip.

Under the law all these documents should be translated into Russian or Belarusian languages but usually it is not checked. If you have arrived with an animal and the documents for it are in English and there is no translation in most cases you will not face any challenges. However translation of the documents will make your travel quieter and more reliant.

Upon arrival to Belarus animals should be registered in a local veterinary institution. The law does not forbid a trip with animals in buses, trains and planes of domestic service however it is better to specify it.


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Importation of dogs, veterinary health certificates