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Customs rules

Rules of private property movement across the customs border of the Republic of Belarus generally align with the world's standards.

List of commodities the movement of which across the customs border of the Republic of Belarus by natural persons (import and export) is allowed only upon presentation of the corresponding permit as required by the Law of the Republic of Belarus:

  • Firearms and ammunition all kinds of government issuance for them, military equipment;
  • narcotic, psychotropic, poisonous, intoxicating, superpotent, radioactive and explosive substances.

For taking animals and plants through customs you need the permit of phytosanitary and veterinary inspection.

There are restrictions pertaining to the quantity of the commodities that are not customable. A person can import for free only 50 kg (110 lbs) of luggage with the estimated cost of its contents not exceeding 1000 euro (or 80 kg and €1200 for indivisible items). This may include up to 5 kg of foodstuffs (for the CIS residents up to 30 kg during June-October).

A 30 per cent due is levied for extra luggage, but not less than € 2 per kilo. For luggage exceeding 250 kg or € 10000 the dues make up 60 per cent, but not less than € 4 per kilo.

Within these limits you can bring with you for free:

  • 1 liter of liquors (for persons over 18)
  • 1 liter of beer
  • 200 cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco (for persons over 18)

If you take with you more than that you would be asked to pay the dues in amount of 60 per cent but not less than € 4 per kilo (the same regulation applies if you fail to declare such items). For every extra liter of liquors be prepared to pay € 20 in dues.

Note that you can bring with you your clothes, laptop, camera, player or other portable devices for your own personal use without restrictions on their cost or weight for free as long as these items are not new (used) and you are not a resident of Belarus. This is stipulated in the Decree of the President of Belarus No. 259 dated May 27, 2004, article 10.6 and Annex 2.

When leaving Belarus with a laptop, CDs, DVDs, diskettes or audio-/video-tapes technically you should present them for inspection up to one week before you travel.

No limitations are imposed on the amount of foreign currency that can be imported by foreign citizens to the Republic of Belarus but in case the sum of money exceeds US $ 3,000 you need to declare the money in the written form (there are forms in English). Exit declaration will serve as a document for untrammeled export of the remaining sum. Citizens leaving the customs territory of Belarus are entitled to export foreign currency not exceeding US $ 3,000 in equivalent without declaring. In case the sum of money exported from the country exceeds US $ 3,000 in equivalent you need to declare the money.


Customs rules
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