"Alexnature": hunting in Belarus


Foreign citizens can travel to Belarus if they have a valid passport or a document replacing it with a visa. The exception is made for the citizens of CIS, Cuba, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Macedonia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Serbia, Montenegro and the diplomatic passports of a series of countries.

Belarusian visa is usually issued within 5 business days there is an opportunity of its urgent receipt as well (within 48 hours) subject to a double payment.

Visas for children under 16 are issued free of charge; visa processing fee can be levied in this case by certain Belarusian embassies or consulates to indemnify the expenses relative to visa issuance.

Border crossing points of the Republic of Belarus do not comprise consular services and are not engaged in issuing visas.

Belarusian tourist visa is issued upon presentation of an original tourist voucher obtained from a travel company having a license for carrying out international tourist activity. Validity of a visa is specified on the document itself. Tourist visa is not subject to extension.

Exit visa is required for citizens with an invalid visa. Exit visas are issued by Minsk Passport and Visa Service or regional Passport and Visa Service departments in Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel and Mogilev.


Customs rules
Cost of weapon import/export permit (one weapon)
Importation of dogs, veterinary health certificates